The streets of Madrid are named after Ferenc Puskás

The street named after the Gold Team and Real Madrid legendary football player Ferenc Puskás opened in the Spanish capital on Wednesday.

We are proud of Ferenc Puskás as the most famous Hungarian, who has achieved an extremely successful career in a historical period full of difficulties and challenges. -Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said at a brief ceremony held in the Vicálvaro area of ​​eastern Madrid that the street sign named after Ferenc Puskás and Pus Cass Affairs Ambassador György Szöllősi appeared together.

He talked about the fact that even though Puskás Öcsi died 15 years ago, he still has a fresh memory in the world. He praised the performance of “the best footballer of his age” and reviewed his undefeated record: no one can Score 4 goals in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Champions League final.
The head of the ministry called Ferenc Puskás the link between Spain and Hungary, and thanked the Spanish, Real Madrid and the city of Madrid for keeping their precious memories.

Ferenc Puskás is a basic figure in the history of Real Madrid. Without Ferenc Puskás, one would not be able to understand the legend of Real Madrid. Ferenc Puskás wears our badge, our T-shirt, our uniform, we always keep it in our hearts -Real Madrid International Director Emilio Butragueno (Emilio Butragueno) said.

As he said, Puskas is a member of an unforgettable generation that has allowed Real Madrid to grow into a myth.

We are very proud that from now on, we will have a street that will forever be engraved with the figure of Ferenc PuskásHe added.

The grandson and great-grandson of Ferenc Puskás and former Real Madrid striker Amancio Amaro attended the award ceremony. He was in Spain from 1962 to 1966 with the famous Hungarian legend Pancho. Play together.

Ferenc Puskas (Ferenc Puskás) came to Spain after the failed revolution in 1956. He played for the Royal Club from 1958 to 1966.

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