The Apple Museum in Westerbork will be closed and part of the collection will be donated to Ed Bindels (Amac)

At the beginning of next year, Europe’s largest Apple Museum with 1,600 square meters will open on the Great Wall in Utrecht. The museum is an initiative of Ed Bindel, the founder and owner of Apple reseller Amac. This week, when the Board of Directors of the Apple Museum Netherlands Foundation in Westerbork placed its entire collection under management, his large Apple collection added thousands more.

The New Museum has a collection of more than 5,000 items, including almost all Apple products from 1977 to the present, including some special items only released in the United States.

The Wall is a red shopping mall along the A2 line. There is also the flagship store of Apple Premium Reseller and Bindels’ new dining concept Liemès. The museum will be on the lower level.

Today, the Apple Museum in Westerbork announced its closure.Due to the corona, the visit is very Refuse.

In 2018, the museum got a new home. The series moved from Orvelte to Westerbork and attracted more visitors there.

All items including Lisa were donated to both parties. Part of it was donated to the Oyfo Technical Museum in Hengelo, and the rest was donated to Amac director Ed Bindel.

Over the years, Bindel has also expanded his collection. In various acquisitions of other Apple premium resellers, he used his remaining property to purchase collectibles. “During the Corona period, when our 50 stores were closed for part of the time, I started to focus seriously on finishing the series.”

Apple entrepreneurs will approach it in a museum way. “I don’t want a pile of pallets with old computers, but I want to display beautiful collections in a cleverly designed space with a storyline, because it’s enough. Just like Steve Jobs left in 1985 Like NeXT, which was founded after Apple, it has a major impact on Apple’s story and is indispensable.”

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