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Godfrey Marine has been building boats for more than a century. During that period, it has become an undisputed pioneer in the deck-boat industry and currently touts its Hurricane division as “America’s No. 1 Selling Deck Boat” company. Last year alone, it sold about 2,500 boats — an average of approximately seven a day. To say Hurricane knows about deck boats is like saying a bird knows how to fly. Both are obvious “experts” at what they do. So one would expect that when Hurricane introduced its new 2200 SunDeck I/O with the optional Xtreme Package for the 2008 model year, it would reflect the refined styling and features you’ve come to appreciate from a deck boat and that it might even have a few innovations to boot. Had this been your predisposition, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Impressions Hurricane

Although nearly 3/4 of the deck-boat market consists of sterndrive-powered boats, or I/O (inboard/outboard) models, Hurricane has traditionally swam upstream by almost exclusively offering outboard-powered deck boats. The all-new 2200 SunDeck I/O changes that long-held tradition. Hurricane now presents sterndrive power in its new 22-, 24- and 26-foot deck-boat models. Now that you can “have it your way” in terms of power systems, Hurricane believes a good thing will get even better. The company also had the good foresight to avoid underpowering the 2200 SunDeck I/O — a pitfall into which many builders fall in an effort to keep the price down. Consequently, you can outfit the new 2200 with as much as 320 hp.

Impressions Hurricane

BW tests 2200 with a potent 300-hp MerCruiser 350 Mag, coupled with a Bravo Three drive unit. The Bravo Three is a good choice for a deck boat because this style of boat is often used to carry a lot of passengers and gear. The dual, counter-rotating propellers help get all that weight moving and on the plane more quickly than a single-prop drive can. It also eliminates nagging steering-wheel torque — which, by nature, constantly wants to turn the boat in one direction.

For this test, there are two passengers on board and little gear, and the boat hits a top speed of 52.4 mph. You can expect a fully loaded boat to top out in the mid-to-upper 40s. The test boat is equipped with Hurricane’s new Xtreme Package, which is a heavier — albeit really cool — option. As a result, the time to the plane is a little slower, and forward visibility is blocked for about three seconds. In terms of handling, the 2200 SunDeck I/O proves well-mannered and capable of making tight turns in either direction so long as the drive trims down adequately during the process. In rough water, the boat’s modified deep-V hull cuts through the slop in a fine fashion.

Impressions Hurricane

The aforementioned Xtreme Package is exclusive to the 2200 SunDeck I/O and reflects the innovative aspect of this model. The primary components of this optional package consist of special graphics; a stylish wakeboard tower complete with board racks and an integrated bimini top; the wakeboarder’s preferred high-output sound system with subwoofer tower speakers, and a fun little rumble seat over the engine compartment. Less obvious features include custom upholstery and chrome seat accents, an audio system remote control conveniently located at the transom, pull-up cleats for a sleeker appearance, and a stainless-steel (rather than rubber) rub rail. As you can see, the Xtreme Package – priced at $5,100 – is, well, packed with special features.

Xtreme Package aside, the 2200 SunDeck I/O also offers several noteworthy standard features deck-boat aficionados will appreciate. One is the enclosed head compartment built into the passenger console. Although the compartment with a sink and faucet is standard, it should be noted that the actual head is optional … but likely well worth the price. An enclosed head isn’t fully appreciated until it’s needed, and then it’s suddenly the most important feature on the entire boat. Other amenities found on the 2200 I/O are the inclusion of both fore and aft boarding ladders and a Sony sound system with CD and MP3 capability. All things considered, Hurricane’s all-new 2200 SunDeck I/O promises to be one more hit from a boat builder that knows deck boats.

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