Top 10 Best Pet Containment Systems In 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

If your pet is not a disciplined one, you need to contain its movement, and you have to ensure that they do not cross the fence. If they do, they can run away or get hit by a vehicle. It is better than having an ordinary fence, pet containment systems are wireless, and they are referred to as underground fences.

It is a much cheaper and safer option for fencing and restricting the movement of your pets naturally. Check out the top 10 best pet containment systems below to choose from.

best pet containment systems

List of Top 10 Best Pet Containment Systems In 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment Systems

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System with Extra Battery Pack, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb., Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction
  • 1/2 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: The adjustable circular range can cover up to 1/2 acres from the placement of the portable indoor transmitter
  • NO WIRE TO BURY: A wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires
  • STATIC-FREE REENTRY: Unlike traditional in-ground fences, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary
  • SIMPLE SET-UP: Sets up in just a few hours; this portable system is terrific for camping and vacation homes
  • WATERPROOF COLLAR: The waterproof collar comfortably fits dogs 8 pounds and up and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28 inches; compatible with all PetSafe Wireless Fence transmitters

This pet containment system for pets is very much helpful in training both dogs and cats. With the help of white flags, you can also limit the area of the invisible fencing. Moreover, the training collar comes with a rechargeable battery, so it can run for a continuous 2 months with a single charge.

This wireless fence also helps keeps safe from going outside and offers a first-class training session. Furthermore, the wireless design easily eliminates the need for any troublesome wire installation around your area. The waterproof receiver and collar are suitable for pets above 8 pounds. The transmitter of the system works up to ½-acres of area.


  • Adjustable collar with waterproof housing.
  • Powerful battery with an indicator system.
  • Wireless design and adjustable circular range.


  • Its durability is questioned by many.

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System-In-Ground Fence & Remote Trainer- Waterproof, Rechargeable Collar- Tone, Vibrate, & Shock- from Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand- 100 Acre Capability
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Containment and training kit includes everything needed to cover 1 1/3 acres of land for one dog; can be expanded to cover 100 acres with more wire and flags (sdf-wf) Contain + Train
  • THREE MODES OF OPERATION: Included collar works with the fence boundary and the handheld remote; you choose when you want it to work with each system (fence, trainer, or both)
  • UNLIMITED DOGS: Contain an unlimited number of dogs with additional collars (sdf-ctr); train up to three dogs with included remote
  • TONE, VIBRATE, AND STIM: Choose between Tone (beep), vibration (Buzz), or one of seven levels of static stimulation to contain/train your dog
  • SAFETY FOCUSED FEATURES: Transmitter features wire break alarm and built in Lightning Protector

This pet containment system comes with a powerful transmitter to create an invisible fence for training your pets. The system is not only very much easy to install but also allows you to cover a wider area. Moreover, you can stress-freely cover an area of up to 1-1/3 acres with the help of wireless connectivity.

The remote control also has an alarm to let you know about the wire breaking. Furthermore, the controller comes with an inbuilt lightning protector. You can adjust the level of the vibration and static functions up to seven levels. This system is stretchable up to 100 acres with more wires.


  • Easy installation and powerful performance.
  • Built-in lighting system for user advantage.
  • Remote control and adjustable design.


  • It is relatively expensive.

Pet Control HQ Electric Pet Containment

Wireless Dog Fence System - Dog Fence Electric Shock Collar Training with Remote - Pet Containment System with Fence Wire Underground Perimeter - 2 Bark Collar Included
  • Wireless dog fence system: This wireless containment system is perfect for pet parents with large yards and complicated spaces. The combination of a wireless pet training system and custom above or below-ground wired design gives you peace of mind, knowing your best friend has up to 10 acres of safe roaming.
  • Dual-zone wireless containment system: Enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-layout dog fence wireless system, along with 492 feet of 20 AWG inground, above ground, or underground electric dog fence wire. The heavy-duty solid copper core wire can withstand any weather, allowing you to customize your wireless fencing system to stop your dogs from digging, jumping, and causing complaints from neighbors.
  • Wireless dog collar fence system: Our wireless pet containment system can control up to 3 separate shock collars, with beep and vibration mode levels 1-10 that work wonders to perimeter train your dogs. Additionally, the electric shock collar with levels 1-10 gets your dog's attention and stops stubborn and nuisance behavior quickly.
  • Electric fence for dogs: This 12-hour electronic anti-bark collar features an 8-second safety shutdown switch that stops the shock for humane reasons. Additionally, this collar has long-lasting rechargeable batteries that provide you with 3 to 7 days of pet containment training. With a rapid recharging battery station that charges batteries in 2-3 hours, you won't lose the ability to recharge your electric dog fence.
  • Versatile and adjustable underground dog fence system: The collar-receiver is lightweight, waterproof, and rechargeable, with an adjustable strap that fits dog neck sizes ranging between 8 - 27 inches. Suitable for S, M, L, XL dogs weighing between 11 and 154 pounds, the perimeter dog collar responds with a warning tone, vibration, and 3 levels of increasing shock intensity to stop your escaping dogs. It's a wired electronic dog fence and gps dog fence trainer solution all-in-one.

This pet containment system consists of a pair of training collars. The system is also suitable for dogs up to 154 lbs. Moreover, the over and underground fencing prevents your dogs from digging and jumping over the fence. Even the system comes along with an anti-bark system to restrict the unnecessary barking of the pets. This containment system comes with water-resistant material construction to support rigorous outdoor training.

The wireless training collar also helps your dogs to train without any wired device. Furthermore, the rechargeable batteries of the system automatically send the static correction. The collar produces three different levels of automatic static with the help of the remote controller.


  • Rechargeable design and wide fitting.
  • Automatic static correction with three different levels.
  • Robust construction and waterproof housing.


  • The battery does not last long.

Earlyhights Electric Outdoor Dog Containment Fence System

Earlyhights Electric Underground Outdoor Dog Containment Fence System,5 Acre Range 500 Feet In Ground Wire, Small, Medium, Or Large Dogs Over 5 lbs
  • ✅ ADVANCED PET FENCE - Kit includes a powerful transmitter that can cover up 5 acres, 500 feet of wire that can fence up 1/2 acre of land.
  • ✅ EXCELLENT SPECS - Only 2 hours needed for fully charging the waterproof dog collar and can be standby about 500 hours per charged.
  • ✅ TRAINING COLLAR - Your dog won’t outgrow our training collar. We designed it to work as an extra-large, large, medium, and small breed dogs.
  • ✅ QUALITY FIRST - Our advanced electric pet containment system ensures that you no longer have to worry about your dog digging up your garden bed or running off to the road. Give your dog the space and freedom to run around in your customized area - it's never been easier

This dog containment system is very much suitable for most small to large-size dog breeds. The system is also entirely safe for your pets, so you do not have to worry about the shocks. Moreover, you can easily use this system for any pet for proper training. This system comes along with a strong transmitter to create a fence of up to 5 acres.

The training collar is also suitable for any dog which weighs over 5 lbs. Furthermore, the easily rechargeable batteries only take a few hours until full charge. With the help of a 500-feet wire, you can easily install the system as per your need.


  • Set of two and advanced functionality.
  • High-quality materials with premium performance.
  • Outstanding battery and quick recharge.


  • The average rating is quite low.

Angela Kerry Wireless Pet Containment Systems

The pet containment system comes along with a GPS receiver. With the help of an innovative GPS location technique, the system also allows you to create a steady and accurate barrier. Moreover, you can definitely use this system to cover a wider area. With the help of a rechargeable battery, the machine runs for a longer time.

The whole system is also suitable for dogs up to 120 lbs. Furthermore, the wireless system works interference-freely, so your dogs do not get any accidental shocks caused by frequency interruption. The radio-frequency range of this pet containment system works up to 800 meters.


  • Automatic protection and wide fitting.
  • Stable performance with GPS location.
  • Wide coverage and powerful radio-frequency signal.


  • It has a low battery life.

COVONO Electric Dog Fence Pet Containment Systems

This containment system is one of the best in-ground electric dog fences on the market. The system also helps you to customize the width of the barrier as per your need. Moreover, the system comes along with 650 feet of copper wire, so you can cover an area of up to ¾-acre. The collar is suitable for any pet up to 120 lbs of weight.

The flexible wire of the system also allows you to bend it as per your desired shape for stress-free installation. Furthermore, the adjustable collar easily fits the neck circumference of the dog up to 26 inches. The versatile system supports both underground and aboveground fencing.


  • Smooth performance with intelligent mode.
  • Adjustable design for multiple dog support.
  • Speed Detection system for faster dog running.


  • It does not work for bigger dogs.

Free Spirit Underground Wire Containment System

Free Spirit In-Ground Fence, Underground Wire Dog Containment System, Waterproof, Rechargeable Collar with tone/Vibrate and Shock, Keep Your Pets in Your Yard with this Custom DIY Boundary Kit
  • EXPANDABLE UP TO 1 ACRE WITH UNLIMITED DOGS: This kit contains 1 dog in 1/3 acre, but can be expanded to contain an unlimited number of dogs in up to 1 acre with additional purchases
  • tone, VIBRATION AND 5 LEVELS OF CORRECTION: The collar emits a warning tone and vibration when your dog approaches the wire. If your dog continues, the collar will deliver the shock level you select to deter more steps forward
  • WATERPROOF AND RECHARGEABLE: Whether it's raining or your dog enjoys puddles, this humane, the rechargeable training device will perform safely
  • FITS ALL DOGS 5 Pounds. AND UP: Whether you have a small, medium, large or giant-sized dog, this adjustable collar works for all dogs 5 Pounds. and up with neck sizes 6 in. to 26 in.
  • EASY TO FIT: Simply adjust the strap to your dog's neck, ensuring the contact points touch skin to avoid discomfort or damage to your dog's skin, it should not be worn more than 12 hours a day

This containment system for pets works as the best underground fencing. The whole system also keeps your dogs limited and properly calm within the range of 1/3 acre. Moreover, the training collar is easily adjustable according to the neck circumference of the pet. The collar is suitable for all small to large-size dog breeds.

You can also hassle-freely use this system for pets up to 5 lbs weight. Furthermore, a water-resistant and wear-resistant training collar is suitable for several outdoor activities. The receiver delivers a vibrating beep tone to warn your pets whenever they approach the barrier. If they try to cross them forcefully, they will get a shock.


  • Expandable design and waterproof construction.
  • Multiple levels of intensities for better performance.
  • Easy fitting and safe for use.


  • There is not enough instruction available.

TTPet Electric Pet Containment Systems

TTPet Electric Dog Fence,In-ground/Aboveground Pet Containment System, IP66 Waterproof&Rechargeable Collar,Shock&Tone Correction,for 2 Dogs
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The system includes 650 Ft boundary wire to contain up to 3/4 acre of land,can be expanded to more land with the purchase of additional wires.You can lay the wire in any shape on the ground or underground,to keep your dog stay where you want it
  • AUTOMATIC DOG TRAINING: The collar works automatically once you install the system.It will sends beep and shock as your dog try to cross the boundary wire.The closer your dog goes, the more intense the shock will be, effectively train him back to the play area you set
  • SUPPORT MULTIPLE DOGS: The receiver is durable,rechargeable and IP66 waterproof,fits all kinds of dogs weighing 12lbs - 150lbs or dogs with a neck size of 8 inches - 27 inches.You can control an unlimited number of dogs easily by purchasing additional compatible receivers
  • PROFESSIONAL & THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The electric fence allows you to control the width of the boundary by adjusting the signal strength.The wire break warning can tell you in time if the wire is broken.The low-battery indicator prompt you to charge your receiver when it's running low
  • ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE: We know that the installation and use of all electric fences may be a little complicated, so we provide 24 hours × 7 a week service. If you have any questions about installation, use, warranty or refund, please feel free to contact us

This pet containment system creates an effective and human and pet-safe barrier. The effective working range of this collar is also of 650-feet, so you can easily cover an area of up to ¾-acre. Moreover, the smart, professional-grade smart design of this collar lets you customize the range of the barrier as per your need.

The training collar is also suitable for pets with a maximum weight of 150 lbs. Furthermore, the high-grade and water-resistant receiver makes the collar suitable for any rigorous outdoor training. The training system automatically beeps and sends shocks to the pets whenever they try to cross the fence.


  • High compatibility and low-battery indicator.
  • Automatic installation for user convenience.
  • Covers a boundary of 650 feet.


  • There are some glitches in the product.

OKPET Wireless Pet Containment System

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Pet Fence, No Wire Circular Boundary, Secure up to 3/4 Acre, No-Dig Portable Fencing, America's Safest Fence From Parent Company INVISIBLE FENCE Brand
  • NO DIGGING OR WIRE TO BURY: Sets up in just a few hours; a wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires
  • 3/4 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: Adjust the circular boundary range up to 3/4-acre (22-105 ft in all directions) from the placement of the indoor transmitter
  • MOST ACCURATE WIRELESS FENCE: Our proprietary circular boundary gently guides your dog back to the play area
  • TRUST THE BEST: Our proprietary circular boundary gently guides your dog back to his play area
  • LCD DISPLAY: An easy to read display shows you how far your pet’s play area expands; the screen also has warning indicators to let you know if there is an error with the wireless fence system

This pair of wireless containment systems involves the construction of high-grade and water-resistant material. The batteries of these receivers of the collars are also easily rechargeable. Moreover, the batteries can run for a very long time and consume lesser power while operating. The containment systems come with a maximum working range from 10 to 1000 feet.

These collar receivers are also entirely safe for your pets. Furthermore, the training collars create a barrier for the dogs. So you can easily keep track of your dogs’ movement every time. Whenever the pets want to cross the barrier, the collars send a vibrating signal and a shock to them.


  • Better signal and resistance to water.
  • Practical design for user convenience.
  • Adjustable levels and automatic start.


  • There are no cons at all.

CEVENE Electric Dog Fence Containment System

The dog containment system works not only with aboveground surfaces but also with underground surfaces. This training aid is also able to create a barrier of up to 650 feet. So, you can hassle-freely customize the range up to ¾-acre. Moreover, the electric fence helps you to keep your pets within the desired range. This system is suitable for dogs up to 150 lbs.

The comfortable-to-wear belt also sends a beep signal or mild shock if your pets try to cross the fences. Furthermore, the receiver of the system comes with the construction of heavy-duty and water-resistant material. The fencing system increases the shock intensity as per the ratio of the running speed of the pets.


  • The customizable range for accurate precision.
  • Speed detection and adjustable strength.
  • Simple performance and set of two.


  • It is a relatively new product.

Buying Guide for Pet Containment Systems

Here are the important parameters that every buyer should check when they buy a pet containment system.

Battery Performance

best pet containment systems

If you want the pet containment system to operate for a longer duration, then you must go for the one that comes with a powerful battery. Some models come with a battery backup feature that lets you use it easily for more time. You can also see if it supports fast charging. Always go for the one that includes a low battery indicator.


The collar comes in different sizes, and you can select the one according to the size of your pet. Some of it comes in an adjustable design allowing you to fit it in different sizes of dogs. Check if it comes in a waterproof design. The size also varies according to the different levels of stimulation. For smaller dogs, the stimulation level should be up to three. Medium-sized dogs can go perfectly with stimulation of 4 to 6, and for stubborn and large dogs, the stimulation has to be above 8. Check if it allows you to adjust the range according to the requirement.


best pet containment systems

If you have a larger area, then look for the one that has better coverage. Do not select a thin gauge wire that can cause resistance. You can see if it comes with a remote control so that you can use it conveniently. The GPS system has to be accurate, and you can even see if it includes a wall break system.


The pet containment system works by generating electric fields. Make sure that it comes with lighting protection so that it will be safe for use. It will also make your pet run-free when there is a storm. In addition to this, you can see if it comes with the feature of an Audible line Break. This feature will alert you when there is any problem. It has to be in a durable construction so that your pets don’t chew it easily. There can be other advanced features, and you can select the one according to your needs.


Every pet owner must use a pet containment system if they do not have a proper fence already. You can train your pet not to cross the underground fence, and there are portable wireless fences available to use anywhere. Do consider the buying guide properly before you can purchase a pet containment system so that you understand the products better and get the best one within your budget.

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