World leaders celebrate Macron’s victory at the French elections


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Paris: World leaders eagerly congratulate France’s centrist chair Emmanuel Macron for his re-election, and the defeat of his right-wing leadership in Sunday’s elections.

Here are some main reactions:

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, tweeted that “We can count upon France for another five year.”
Ursula von der Leyen (President of European Commission) tweeted, “I am delighted that we continue our excellent cooperation.”

U.S. President Joe Biden tweeted that France is “our oldest ally” and a key partner in the addressing global problems. “I look forward for our continued close cooperation – including supporting Ukraine, defending democracy, and tackling climate change.”
Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State, also congratulated Macron.
He wrote, “We look forwards to continuing to collaborate with France on global issues, cementing our long lasting alliances and friendships,”

Olaf Scholz, the Prime Minister, said that French voters had “cast strong votes of confidence in Europe today.” “I am thrilled that we will continue working well together.”

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, called France “one our closest and most important allies.”
Johnson stated in a tweet that he looks forward to “continuing work together to address issues that are most important to our countries as well as the world.”

President Volodymyr Zelesky, who spoke to Macron numerous times since February 24, when Russia invaded, congratulated Macron by calling.
Zelensky referred to Macron as a “true friend in Ukraine” via Twitter.
“For the sake of the (French) people, I wish him even more success. I thank him for his support and I believe we are on our way to a new common victory together,” he wrote in Ukrainian and French.

Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, said Macron’s victory was a “great example of liberal democracy in action during uncertain times”.
He tweeted, “We wish France and you both success, especially as your leadership in Europe and as a valued partnership of Australia in the Indo-Pacific.”

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, said he looked forward to continuing to collaborate on issues important to Canada and France. These include defending democracy, tackling climate change, and creating good jobs and economic growth for the middle class.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi praised Macron’s win as “good news all across Europe”.

“Citizens voted for a France that would be a free, strong, and fair EU. Democracy wins. Europe wins,” tweeted socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. “Congratulations, Emmanuel Macron.”

Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of France, stated that French voters made a strong choice and chose to follow “certainty” and “enlightenment values.

Filippo Grandi (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) offered his warm congratulations and stated that as humanitarian challenges and refugee crisis become more complex each day, his organization will continue to rely upon Macron in Europe and the rest of the world Support.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is WHO Director-General. He said that he looks forward to “continuing a significant partnership” with France to help “build a better, safer, and more equitable world.”

Prime Minister Michael Martin acknowledged Macron’s “principled leadership” which is important for France and Europe.

President Ignazio Cass stated that he was looking forward to “continuing and good cooperation”, highlighting the close ties between both countries.

Magdalena Anderson, Prime Minister, extended her “warmest felicitations”.

She tweeted, “Let’s keep working closely together – bilaterally, to build a competive, green and resilient EU.”

Jonas Gahr Store, the Prime Minister of France said that France had chosen “liberal democracy rather than the far right”.

Ali Bongo Ondimba, former President of French colony Gabon, applauded Macron’s “excellent reelection”.

In an online comment, he stated that the two countries share a common history and a future to work together.

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