US Secretary of State Blinken says Russia failed to reach war goals and Ukraine is’successful.


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Near the Poland-Ukraine border. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is determined to win his country’s war against Russia. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated Monday that after a secret visit in Kyiv America would help him accomplish this goal.
Austin said to reporters in Poland that he had the mentality to win and that he wanted to help them win. This was just a day after Austin met Zelensky in Ukraine for a three-hour meeting.
Austin explained that the nature and character of the war in Ukraine have changed. Russia has moved from the wooded north to concentrate on the industrial center of the eastern Donbass. Zelensky will now be focusing on tanks, artillery, ammunition and other weapons because of the change in combat.
Austin stated, “The first step in winning is believing that you can win.” We believe they can win if they have the right equipment and the right support. We will do everything possible to make sure they win.
Asked what the U.S. sees as success, Austin said: “We want to see Ukraine remain a sovereign state, a democratic state that can protect its sovereign territory. We want Russia to be weak enough not to be able invade Ukraine. the state of things.”
The U.S.’s highest-ranking U.S. trip to the capital is Blinken and Austin, which was made after the Russian invasion in February.
They assured Zelensky’s advisers that the United States would provide more foreign military funding than $300 million and approve $165 million for ammunition sales.
Blinken stated that “we have the opportunity to directly show our support for the Ukrainian government” and the Ukrainian people. “We believe this is an important time for detailed face-toface conversations.”
Blinken stated that their three-hour meeting with Ukrainians was filled with detailed talks and discussions, including the need for help in the next weeks.
Blinken said that “the strategies we’ve put in place, the strong support to Ukraine, the immense pressure on Russia and the solidarity of the more than thirty countries involved in these efforts are paying off.” “When it comes to Russia’s war goals, Russia is losing. Ukraine is succeeding. Russia’s main goal is to completely conquer Ukraine, take away its sovereignty, take away its independence. That has failed.”
As was expected, President Joe Biden announced Monday that he had nominated Bridget Brinker to be the U.S. ambassador in Ukraine. Brinker, who is a career diplomat, was appointed ambassador to Slovakia in 2019. Brinker has previously served in Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan), Georgia (Serbia), and Georgia (Georgia). The U.S. Senate has to confirm the appointment.
This news comes as U.S. diplomatic staff prepare to return to Ukraine next Wednesday, even though the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv is still closed.
Journalists who went to Poland with Austin or Blinken were forbidden from reporting on the trip from the beginning to the end, they weren’t allowed to accompany them to Ukraine on an overland journey, and they were also prohibited from identifying the area in southeastern Poland where they met with cabinet members upon their return home. Security concerns were raised by officials from the Pentagon and State Department.
Austin and Blinken announced $713 million in foreign funding for Ukraine, 15 allied and Partner nations. Kyiv was allocated $322 million. Officials said that the rest of the money will go to NATO members and other countries who have provided critical military supplies to Ukraine since the war against Russia.
This financing model is different than previous US military aid to Ukraine. It is not the U.S. Department of Defense inventory that the donation consumes but the cash that countries may use to purchase supplies.
Officials stated that $3.7 billion in U.S. military aid has been provided to Ukraine since the invasion. This includes $165 million in non-U.S. ammunition compatible with Soviet weapons.
Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin, of genocide in the Ukraine. Biden stated that he would give Ukraine a $800 million package of military assistance, which includes drones and heavy artillery.
Congress approved $6.5 Billion in military assistance last month as part of $13.6 Billion in spending on Ukraine and its allies to respond to the Russian invasion.
Blinken intends to return to Washington after his trip to Poland. Austin will be traveling to Ramstein in Germany to attend a Tuesday meeting with NATO defense ministers.
Officials said that the discussions will focus on updates to the ground battlefield and additional security assistance to Ukraine. They also discuss Europe’s long-term defense requirements. This includes how to increase military production in order to fill the gap created by the conflict in Ukraine. Over 20 countries are expected send representatives.

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