Ukraine’s foreign minister in Bulgaria: It’s time for a decision


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Sofia: Dmitro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, called Thursday on NATO member Bulgaria to provide vital military assistance to Ukraine to fend off an attack by Russia.
Bulgaria condemned the invasion and voted in favour of EU sanctions on Russia. However, the four-party coalition that governs the country is still divided over whether or not to send weapons and ammunition to Kyiv.
Kuleba arrived in the Black Sea nation on Tuesday and said that he has not yet received a clear answer by Sofia regarding military aid.
Kuleba declared that “the best way to bring peace to today is to support Ukraine,” he said during the opening of a picture gallery in Bulgaria’s parliament showing the war in Ukraine.
“Sometimes you have to make a choice, you can’t be in between, you can’t have endless arguments. It is necessary to stand on the side of truth. So all I can say is it’s time to make a choice ,”He said.
Democratic Bulgaria is one of the coalition parties that supports arms and ammunition delivery and opposes Russian-friendly Socialist Party. Prime Minister Kirill Petkov’s centrist PP party proposed a compromise that would provide Ukraine with “technical support for defense purposes.”
A fourth Coalition party, populist ITN has not taken a strong stand on the matter.
Kuleba dismissed PP’s compromise.
“If you have a bulletproof vest and a helmet but no gun in your hand, you’re screwed. This compromise is politically acceptable, but the main message is: “We want you to be safe when you die,” he stated. Say.
Many people have died since Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine on February 24th. Large areas have been bombed and around 11 million people have been forced to flee the country. This is about 25% of Ukraine’s population.
The next week following the Orthodox Easter weekend, Bulgaria’s parliament will be discussing how to support Ukraine.
Bulgaria was Moscow’s closest ally in Eastern Europe under communism. It still has important cultural, tourist and trade connections and is heavily dependent upon Russian oil and gas.

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