UK lawmakers approve an inquiry into the alleged lies of Prime Minister Boris Johnson


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LONDON – British lawmakers have ordered a parliamentary probe into Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, for lying about his participation in an illegal gathering that was held during the pandemic.
The Parliamentary Privileges Committee will investigate if Johnson intentionally misled Parliament. If proven, this is historically a resignation offense.
The investigation has placed more pressure on the Conservative prime minster, whose power has been shaken due to claims that he flouted pandemic rules that he had imposed on his country and then repeatedly failed to admit it.
The Labour Party, an opposition party, launched the move and it was approved after the government gave up trying to block it from Conservative MPs. Johnson’s Conservative Party holds a majority of parliament seats, but many MPs are concerned about Johnson’s actions.
Labour leader KeirStarmer claimed that the move was meant to uphold the “simple principles of honesty and integrity as well as telling the truth in politics”.
Starmer stated, “This British principle… guides members of all political parties in Congress.” It’s under attack.
Johnson was unable to attend the meeting over the scandal which has rocked his leadership of the country’s Conservative Party and Conservative Party. Johnson is now more than 4,400 miles (6,400 km) away in India and insists he wants “keep working” and to lead the country.
Johnson was penalized by police for attending his birthday party at his office last week. This was in June 2020 when Britons were prohibited from visiting their dying relatives or seeing their friends. Johnson is the British Prime Minister who was first to be found guilty for violating the law in his office.
Johnson has since apologized, but denied that he intentionally broke the rules. Johnson’s shift of defense, initially claiming that there were no illegal gatherings but then claiming that “I didn’t anticipate” the birthday event would be a party, drew ridicule from his opponents and led to their demand for Johnson’s resignation.
SNP MP Ian Blackford told the House of Commons, “The simple truth is that he lied in order to avoid being caught. And when he was finally caught, he lied yet again.”
Blackford was not reprimanded.
Conservatives are becoming less willing to support a leader who violates the rules he has set for the country. Johnson’s resignation has been called out by many, and this number is increasing. Others are waiting for confirmation that public outrage will result in losses for the Conservatives at local elections on May 5th.
William Wragg, Conservative MP, said that it was “utterly frustrating” to be asked to defend an indefensible person. “Every time a portion of us wilts.”
Steve Baker, a prominent supporter of Johnson’s cause, said that Johnson “should have quit long ago” for violating the “letter, and spirit” rules.
“I will vote for this motion,” said he. “But, really, the prime Minister should know that the show is over.”
The investigation by the Privilege Commission will not start until the investigation of the “party gate”, which was conducted simultaneously by civil and police officers, is complete.
Sue Gray, a senior public servant, is currently investigating 16 incidents. These include “bring your drink” office parties as well as “Friday wine hour” at Johnson’s 10 Downing Street Office and other government buildings. More than a dozen incidents are under investigation by police. They have already issued more than 50 fines, including for Johnson, his wife Carrie, and Finance Minister Rishi Unak. Johnson could face additional police fines.
Johnson and his comrades believe that it would be foolish to replace the leaders of the country during a conflict in Ukraine and a rising cost of living.
Johnson, who flew from the UK to India for a 2-day visit focused on economic ties, denied that he had intentionally misled parliament. Instead, he claimed he would lead Conservative Party in the next national election in 2024.
Johnson stated that he has nothing to hide during a visit by Sky News to Gujarat, a western Indian state. “I want the job I was selected for to continue.”

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