Trump was fined $10,000 per day until he cooperates in tax investigation


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On Monday, a New York judge ordered Donald Trump to pay $10,000 per hour if he does not provide tax documents and accounting records as part of a civil investigation into Trump Group. Organization.

“This is a major win, a judge has ruled against us to convict Donald Trumpof obstruction,” New York State Attorney-General, Democrat–elect Letitia Jones wrote on Twitter.

“Donald Trump has to pay $10,000 per day for every day that he continues defying the court order for me to deliver documents,” stated the attorney General, who has been diligently investigating possible fraud in tax practices by the Trump Organization for many years.

Letitia Jam obtained a New York court order on February 17 for Donald Jr. and Ivanka, the Republican billionaire, to testify under penalty of perjury in this investigation. The Trumps appealed against this decision.

However, the court had requested a number of accounting and tax documents concerning the Trump Organization prior to March 31. Faced with the lack of response, Letitia James had again retaliated before the Supreme Court of the State of New York, asking that he be held responsible for “obstruction for his refusal to comply with a court order “.

The New York Attorney General suspects the Trump Organization of having “fraudulently” overstated the value of real estate properties when applying for bank loans and of having understated them with the tax authorities to pay less taxes.

Parallel to this civil investigation, Manhattan is opening a criminal investigation into possible financial fraud in the Trump group.

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