Trump stated that he will not be rejoining Twitter following the Musk deal


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NEW YORK (AP), Former President Donald Trump stated Monday that he does not intend to re-join Twitter, even if it is returned. This was after Elon Musk bought the social media giant for $ 44 billion.

Trump said to Fox News that Trump would focus instead on Truth Social, his platform, which has faced many problems since its inception earlier this year.

“I’m not going on Twitter. Trump stated to the network that he would “stay on the truth”. “I hope Alon purchases Twitter. He will make improvements to it and he’s a good man. But I will stick to the truth.”

Trump was removed from major social media sites following the January 6th uprising. Twitter had noted that there was a “risk of further violence incitement.” He was stripped of his megaphone, which he used to generate media attention and speak directly with his followers. This decision was integral to his political rise.

The former president had approximately 89 million Twitter followers at the time.

Musk, the world’s wealthiest man and an absoluteist for freedom, said that he wanted Twitter privatized because he felt it was not achieving its potential as a platform to express his views. There are questions as to whether Musk might return Trump’s account, given that the former president is preparing for a second White House run in 2024.

Trump continues to tell lies about his defeat in 2020 in speeches and statements after he leaves office. It is not clear how Musk would have approached these statements if he ever returned to the site.

Musk proposed a variety of changes to the company over recent weeks. This included easing content restrictions and he said he would “very hesitate” to delete content. However, he warned that permanent bans could be imposed.

Trump created his own social media platform after being expelled from all social media platforms. He also sued Google’s Twitter and YouTube for illegally censoring him and other conservatives, even though comments by conservative commentators tend to be the most common.

He said that he was happy for Musk’s purchase, and that he didn’t see Twitter as a competitor to his product.

He stated, “Truth Social is a voice to me.” “And it is something that no other person can accept.”

Trump also called on his supporters Saturday to join him in Truth Social at a rally held in Ohio

He told them to “Go out and register now.” “Have fun!”

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