This Man Loses 85 Pounds to Buy Taco Bell to Restore a Favorite Menu Item


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Chris Sandberg explained to TODAY that he wanted to make getting healthier more “fun” — so he decided to create his very own TikTok challenge.

Bay-Area man Chris Sandberg had wanted to get healthy for years. 

As the pandemic wore on — along with the messaging that people with obesity were more at risk for complications from COVID-19 — he decided to really commit to being healthy.

He told TODAY Food, “My heaviest I was at like, 295, and I was just so afraid. I was like, I can’t get up to 300′, you know? That’s just not possible.”

After losing some weight, he decided to post on his TikTok as a form of accountability. After his January 2021 first workout, he stopped.

“I was like, “Oh man, what’s our goal?” Sandberg — or @stuftnacho on TikTok — said. 

“Obviously, the goal is to get healthier, lose weight, but I didn’t want the journey to be about a number on a scale,” he added. “I want it to be fun. And maybe the goal was something that I wanted to have nothing to do with how much I weighed.”

Although the Grilled Stuft Nacho was removed from the Taco Bell menu many years ago, Sandberg still remembers it as the “first thing” that came to his mind.

He laughed and said, “I kind of ran along with it.”

In the days, weeks and months that followed, Sandberg has kept his followers up to date on his workouts, all with the aim to bring the specialty Taco Bell item — a triangle-shaped tortilla stuffed with beef, sour cream, crunchy red tortilla chips and cheesy jalapeno sauce — back to the masses.

He stated that his goal had to be something he legitimately wanted, but also be funny.

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