The volcano Anak Krakatau in Indonesia erupts, spewing enormous towers of ash.


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JAKARTA: A descendant of Indonesia’s Krakatoa volcano erupted Sunday. It emitted an ash cloud measuring 3,000m (9,800ft) in height.
Krakatoa’s Anak Mountains, which means Son of Krakatoa spewed thick Ash on the Strait that separates the Java and Sumatra islands. This forced authorities to advise residents to wear masks outdoors.
Deny Mardiono from Indonesia’s Geological Agency stated to AFP, “We are still recording continual eruptions with thick clouds towering up 500 to 3,000m above the summit.”
Mardiono reported that Anak Krakatoa erupted at the least 21 times over recent weeks. However, Sunday’s eruption was its largest.
Authorities directed people to avoid the two-kilometer exclusion zone surrounding the volcano. This area is currently at level two in Indonesia’s four-level volcano alarm system.
“People, including tourists should follow the Geological Service’s advice which prohibits anyone entering within a 2-kilometer radius of the Crater,” he said.
Since the Krakatoa eruption, at the beginning of the 21st century, the volcano was sporadic active.
It was one of history’s most devastating and deadly disasters, with an estimated 35,000 deaths.
Anak Krakatoa erupted last in 2018, triggering a tsunami which killed 429 and left thousands homeless.
Indonesia is a Southeast Asian archipelago on the Pacific Ring of Fire. The intersection of continental plates causes frequent volcanic and seismic activity.
Nearly 130 volcanoes are active in the country.

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