Shanghai builds metal barriers to fight COVID-19


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TAIPEI, Taiwan — Volunteers and government workers in Shanghai erected metal barriers in multiple districts to block off small streets and entrances to apartment complexes, as China hardens its strict “zero-COVID” approach in its largest city despite growing complaints from residents.

In the city’s financial district, Pudong, the barriers – thin metal sheets or mesh fences – were put up in several neighborhoods under a local government directive, according to Caixin, a Chinese business media outlet. Pandemic prevention workers can pass through small openings in buildings that have had cases sealed up.

China reported 21796 new COVID-19 infection cases on Sunday. The majority of these were in Shanghai. Many cities and provinces across the country have implemented some form of lockdown to stop the spread of the virus.

The highly contagious Omicron variant has caused the latest outbreak. It has been especially severe in Shanghai. This financial city of 25 million has seen hundreds of thousands of cases, but only 100 deaths since the outbreak nearly two months back.

An Associated Press investigation of the death toll revealed that authorities have altered how they count positive cases despite a history of using narrow criteria to link deaths to certain diseases, particularly COVID-19. This has allowed them to make adjustments in their final death count. It is almost certain that the real death toll has been underestimated.

Social media users posted videos showing the new barriers being installed Saturday. Some were angry about the measures. Caixin reported that these barriers are intended to keep main roads open.

In one video, verified by the AP, residents leaving a building in Shanghai’s Xuhui district broke down the mesh fence barricade at their front entrance and went looking for the security guard they believed to be responsible for putting it up.

Shanghai uses a tiered system that divides neighborhoods into three groups based on risk of transmission. The first category is subject to the most stringent COVID-19 controls, and was the primary target of the new heightened security measures. Some buildings permit people to visit public places and leave their homes in the third category.

The National Health Commission reported that 39 COVID-19 victims died in Shanghai.

The city’s lockdown has drawn global attention for its strict approach and sometimes dangerous consequences. Many people in the city have struggled to get groceries and resort to bartering or bulk buying. Due to strict movement restrictions, others have not been able to get the proper medical attention they need.

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