Seattle CEO and big business antagonist charged with assault


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Seattle (AP) – A Seattle CEO has gained national attention by raising worker salaries and cutting wages. He now faces assault charges for allegedly forcing a woman to kiss him, according to court records.

The Seattle Times reported that Dan Price, a Gravity Payments credit card processor was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault, reckless driving and fourth-degree assault.

Price, 37, is not being prosecuted on the charges. They were filed by the Seattle Municipal Court prosecutor’s Office.

According to charging documents, a woman called Seattle Police Jan. 24, and stated that she had met Price in a Capitol Hill restaurant four days prior. According to the uploaded papers, she said that the two had spoken to each other on Instagram about work. Then, she asked Price for a meeting to discuss “professional issues.”

Instead, Seattle prosecutors claim that Pace took the woman to his Tesla after a dinner and then tried to kiss her. Prosecutors said that Price drove her to a parking garage and put her “donuts,” in the car.

Mark Meadow, Price’s defense attorney, wrote Wednesday in an email to The Times that the charges against him were “completely false.”

“We have already gathered evidence that contradicts key facts in the police report, and raises serious doubts regarding the credibility of the complainant. Mideo stated that Price is respectful of the legal process, and is confident he will be able to get justice in court.

2015 saw Price in the national spotlight when he announced that he would raise worker’s salaries to $70,000. His employees averaged $ 48,000 per annum at the time.

Price has slashed his salary from almost $ 1 million to $ 70,000. This is a testament to his standing as a progressive CEO, fighting for better wages and working conditions for his employees.

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