Schroeder, the former German Chancellor has called for him to quit Schultz.


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BERLIN (AP), – Olaf Schultz was Monday the co-leader for the German Chancellor’s Party. He said that Gerhard Schroeder should be removed from the party because of his ties with the Russian energy sector.

Saskia Askan (one of Schultz’s two center-left Social Democrat leader) said in an interview with Radio Deutschlandpunk, “Gerhard Schroeder was acting for many years only to be a businessman and we should stop looking at him as an older stateman, as a former chancellor. “Russia.”

Askan answered, “He should.”

Schroeder, who is chairman of Rosneft, the Russian state energy company, has been involved with the Nord Stream 2 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines projects. Schultz resigned because he ignored the party calls. In Germany, there were very few defenders from 1998 to 2005.

Askan said that Schroeder’s comments to the New York Times on the atrocities in the Ukrainian village of Boca made his position more unacceptable. Schroeder was quoted saying that the issue “should have been investigated”, but he didn’t think the orders would be from Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is a close friend.

Askan stated that Askan’s defense of Vladimir Putin in the face of war crimes accusations was absurd. He had to give up his Russian energy positions “to save his reputation as a former chancellor, once very successful, but unfortunately he didn’t follow it.” She added that she had heard the same advice.

According to the German news agency dpa, the Hanover branch of the Social Democrats in Schroeder’s hometown has reported that it has received 14 requests to expel the former chancellor.

These requests will be decided by the Hanover branch’s arbitration committee. However, it is unclear when they may decide. Askan stated that these procedures are subject to “very high hurdles” and take “a long time”.


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