Reporting: In the U.S., homes are more affordable than in other countries


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(NewsNation – Housing prices in the US are at a peak. It may surprise you that the average US real estate price is still lower than other large countries. Demographia International Housing Research shows this.

The study examined access to medium-income housing in 92 large housing market in eight countries: Australia (Canada), China, Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore.

Pittsburgh, which had 2.7 as a median double, was the most lucrative. A double of 3.0 or below is considered possible, while 5.1 or above is considered “extremely expensive”.

Demographia International defines the “median product” as the price-to income ratio. This is the median home’s price divided by the household’s gross median income (before taxes).

Lowest housing markets

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma City, Okay
  • Rochester, NY
  • Edmonton, Canada
  • Street. Street.

These cities were not affected by the Corona plague. People didn’t move into those cities when plague struck. But, I like that the United States moved into one of most affordable places to buy a house,” Uri Mann (senior vice president at Land Tejas) said during a performance. Wednesday night’s NewsNation broadcast was “Banfield”.

Mann stated, “The reason most people don’t realize is that we have an amazing gift in America.” This 30-year fixed-rate mortgage makes home buying the most affordable.

Mann stated that Pittsburgh is a great city, but he doesn’t believe it should be at the top of any person’s list.

Demographia International listed Sydney and Hong Kong as the most lucrative.

The least profitable housing market

  • Hong Kong, China
  • Sydney Australia
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • San Jose, California
  • Melbourne, Australia

“I don’t think they will ever become really affordable. In terms of inventory, these places are very limited. Mann explained that it is extremely difficult to get approval for a building construction permit in Vancouver or San Jose. “And all of the left-wing huggers here in San Jose, that they do not want any more development, are still upset at the fact that their housing costs are so high.”

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