Rates of measles, dips and other vaccines for gardeners


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According to government researchers, a smaller percentage of U.S. children received the routine immunizations necessary for kindergarten during the epidemic. This raises concerns about measles and other preventable diseases.

For the 2020-21 school years, rates for measles and pertussis vaccines were at 94%. The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that this was a 1% decrease from last year. This means that 35,000 U.S. kindergarten children were not vaccinated against high-contagious diseases.

The CDC stated that almost 400,000 more children entered kindergarten than was expected, and that their immunization status remains uncertain.

The decline was likely due to epidemic-related disruptions, according to the report. Pediatricians cancelled non-emergency appointments, parents skipped testing for their children, and students enrolled in distance learning were allowed to skip vaccination requirements.

“We haven’t seen any outbreaks, and this likely reflects the fact that many families remained at their homes during the epidemic,” Dr. Georgina Peasecock, director of immunization service at the CDC said. We expect things to return to normal.

Shannon Steckley from the CDC stated that data for the current schoolyear, which began in November, should indicate if the delay continues.

These data are based on school reports that show vaccination rates in 47 US states and Washington DC. According to the CDC staff shortages and other epidemic disruptions could lead to reports of missing or incomplete schools. This would have a negative impact on the ability to determine true vaccination rates.

In 16 states, kindergarten enrollment rates were above 95% for measles shots and treatment with diphtheria-tetanus-tuberculosis combination. In eight states, plus Washington the capital, the combined pertussis shot rate was below 90%. Seven states had measles shots with Washington the capital.

There were 17 states with rates below 95% for chickenpox vaccines and nine plus Washington DC.


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