Putin claims victory in Mariupol, but will not hit Ukraine’s hold


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Kyiv – Russian President Vladimir Putin declared victory over the Battle for Mariupol on Thursday. He also ordered his troops to avoid further losses by storming a huge steel plant, which is home to the city.
Instead, he instructed his troops not to allow any fly into the Azovstal factory.
Since the start of the conflict, Russian forces bombarded the port in the southeastern part of the city and reduced it to ruins. Senior officials claimed that it was almost falling, but the Ukrainian troops held firm.
Russian estimates say that thousands of defenders were hiding in the sprawling steel facility with hundreds of civilians. Russian troops stormed this site and repeatedly issued ultimatums for them to surrender.
On Thursday, Putin, just as he did before, appeared to alter the narrative and declare victory, but he didn’t seize the factory covering 11 kilometers (4 miles). It covers approximately 24 km (15 miles). Tunnels and bunkers.
In an appearance with the defense ministry, he stated that “Completing combat work to liberate Mariupol has been a success.” “Congratulations.”
Ukraine scoffs at the idea of ​​Russia winning.
“This situation means the following: they cannot capture Azovstal physically. They understand this. They suffered huge losses there,” Oleksi, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Arestovich said.
Occupying Mariupol will be the Kremlin’s largest victory in the Ukrainian conflict. This will allow Moscow to protect more of its coastline and complete the land bridge that Russia built with the Crimean peninsula. Putin can also transfer more power to the ongoing In a larger fight in the industrial heartl of eastern Ukraine.
Putin might be trying to shift the focus from the factory that has become a symbol for global defiance by presenting the success of the Mariupol mission. Even though they did not take control of the plant, the Russians seem to have taken over the rest the city and its key port. The facility however appears to have suffered extensive damage.
“Russia’s goal now is not to occupy difficult places where these Ukrainians are able to hold on in the center of the city, but to try and capture territory and surround Ukrainian army and declare victory,” stated retired British Major General Chris. Parry stated.
In the meantime, Western countries are trying to import heavy weapons into Ukraine to aid it in its fight against an easterly offensive.
The U.S. President Joe Biden announced an additional $800million in military aid for Kyiv. This includes heavy artillery, 144,000 rounds ammunition, and drones.
However, he warned that the $13.6 million in military and humanitarian assistance approved by Congress last week was “nearly exhausted”, and that more was needed.
Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defense Minister, estimated that there are still around 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers at this steel plant. According to Ukrainian officials, there were about 1,000 civilians trapped at the site and 500 soldiers who had been wounded. Shoigu stated that the site was blocked, and would be occupied in a few days.
“I don’t see the point in proposing an assault on the industrial area.” Putin said that he ordered the suspension because he was concerned about “protecting lives and health” of his soldiers and officers.
The Russian leader stated that there is no reason to climb into these catacombs or crawl through these industrial areas. “Block this industrial zone so that no fly can get in.”
Putin’s order could indicate that Russian troops believe they can wait for their defenders to surrender if they run out food or ammunition. The bombing of this plant will likely continue.
Mariupol is home to more than 100,000 people, who are without food, water, or medications. There was a pre-war population around 430,000.
Because of its horrific war experience, the city has been the focus of international attention. This includes the devastating airstrikes against theaters and maternity units.
German Foreign Minister Annalena Bernock stated that Germany and other countries had been pressuring Russia to allow civilians from Mariupol to leave and to stop cracking down upon potential evacuation routes.
Iryna Vereshchuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minster, said that four buses with civilians were able to flee the city on Wednesday following several failed attempts.
Russia has been accused of repeatedly attacking Ukraine to stop civilians fleeing the city. The governor of the region said that at least two Russian bombings targeted Zaporozhye on Thursday. It was a point of transit for those fleeing Mariupol. However, no one was hurt.
Parry described the decision to close the steel plant as a shift in Russia’s “operational approach”. Russia is trying to learn from the mistakes made in the eight-week conflict, which began with hopes of a lightning strike that would destroy Ukraine’s excess firepower and outnumber troops. Moscow’s troops encountered unexpectedly stubborn resistance that led to increasing casualties and forced them to withdraw from the capital.
Russian officials have stated for weeks that the main goal of war is Donbass. This is Ukraine’s eastern industrial area, which is mainly Russian-speaking. Moscow’s army this week started a new phase of the war — a deadly drive from the northeastern city of Kharkiv to a 300-mile (480-kilometer) front on the Sea of ​​Azov — to do so.
Parry stated that they have realized that Mariupol is a sticky place and they won’t be able to cover the rest.
Luhansk is one of two Donbass regions. The governor claimed that Russian troops now control 80 percent. The Kyiv government had 60 percent control of Luhansk before the Russian invasion on Feb 24, 2014.
The Ministry of Defence of Britain said Russia might want to have major success before Victory Day, May 9, which is the most proud day on the Russian calendar and marks the end of World War II.
According to the ministry, “This could impact the speed and intensity of their attempts before this date to conduct operations.”

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