Pope thanks Orban, invites Pope To Visit Hungary


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VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis on Thursday met with Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to thank Budapest for hosting Ukrainian refugees, who invited the pope for a state visit to Hungary.
The Pope spoke privately at the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace. This is his fourth international trip since his landslide victory in the election.
The Vatican stated that it would not make any statements because the private visit was confidential.
A video released by Vatican TV shows the Pope awarding Orbán, the fourth-century French saint who was born in what is now Hungary, a medal of the Order of Saint Martin of Tours.
Legend has it that Saint Martin cut his cloak in half to give it to a woman who was desperate.
Francis stated, “I chose this to you…I thought of the Hungarians taking in refugees now,”
According to the UN refugee agency, more than 5 million people fled Ukraine in order to flee Russian aggression. This is Europe’s worst refugee crisis after World War II.
According to the most recent figures, 625,000 refugees arrived in Hungary after the war started. About 80 percent have left.
MTI, the state news agency quoted Orban as saying that the pope “encouraged” them to not abandon this “good habit of ours”, which refers to accepting refugees.
Orbán and the Pope have previously disagreed over immigration policy in Europe.
Francis spent seven hours stopping in Budapest on his way to Slovakia in September last year to finish a church congregation there.
According to MTI, Orban stated that he invited the Pope to Hungary next year and received an encouraging positive response.
Francis heard Orban tell Francis: “God Bless You, Your Family, and Hungary,” at the conclusion of Thursday’s private audience. Orban replied, “We are waiting to you.”

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