Philippines starts rollout of second booster dosage for COVID-19


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MANILA: Monday saw the Philippines begin delivering a second COVID-19 booster to immunocompromised adults. They join a growing number Asian countries that offer a fourth dose.
Nearly 61% of the population of the Philippines, 110 million people, have been vaccinated. Government figures show that nearly 13,000,000 received their first booster dose.
The 690,000 most vulnerable people were initially targeted for a second round boosters to increase their protection against COVID-19, its variants, and between 7,000- 13,000 others.
Francisco Duque, Health Minister of Mexico, stated that “with increasing vaccination coverage and COVID-19 still being present, we can consider this an endemic illness in the near future.”
South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore have all approved the second booster. They hope to stop the coronavirus from returning, especially among the elderly.
Despite efforts to revive the economy, the Philippines has been cautious about opening its doors again despite the fact that it contracted more than 9% in 2020. Prior to the pandemic, the Philippines was one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.
The country has more than 60,000 deaths and 3.68 million cases. According to Reuters Global Data Tracker, daily new infections are now at 207 per day. This is just 1% of peak.

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