Pfizer has recalled tablets due to an increased risk of developing cancer.


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NEW YORK, WTI – Pfizer will voluntarily return to five Accupril tablets distributed across the United States. The reason for this is the presence of an organic substance that could increase the risk of getting cancer.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recall was initiated due to Nnitrosoquinapril’s presence. Recent tests revealed that Accupril tablets contained more nitrosamines than the daily recommended intake.

The FDA released Friday’s explanation that nitrosamines are found in water and food, including vegetables, medicinal, and roasted meats, and dairy products. Everyone is exposed to nitrosamines at some point. Exposure to these chemicals for prolonged periods can lead to an increase in cancer risk.

Accupril is used for high blood pressure treatment. It is also designed to lower blood sugar. When used in combination with digitalis and diuretics, it can also be used to treat cardiac failure.

According to the memoir, “Long-term ingestions of Nnitrosoquinapril might be associated with an increased risk of developing cancer in humans but there is no immediate danger to patients taking this drug.” You should consult your doctor about other treatment options if you’re currently taking the tablets.

Parts of the above-mentioned products were distributed in the country to wholesalers or distributors in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada from December 2019 to April 20, 222. Below is a complete description of the plots.

NDC A lot of them Expiry Date Force Configuration / Counting
0071-0530-23 DR9639 March 31, 2023 10 mg 1 x 90 Bottle Count
0071-0532-23 DX8682 March 31, 2023 20 mg 1 x 90 Bottle Count
0071-0532-23 DG1188 31 May 2022 20 mg 1 x 90 Bottle Count
0071-0535-23 DX6031 March 31, 2023 40 mg 1 x 90 Bottle Count
0071-0535-23 CK6260 31 May 2022 40 mg 1 x 90 Bottle Count

The FDA has instructed distributors and wholesalers to immediately stop distribution and quarantine affected products. Contact Sedgwick at 1-888-345-0481 if you have any questions about how to return the product or how to get a full refund.

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