Live Updates Candidates vote during the second round in France for the presidency


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LE TOUQUET (France) – Two candidates for the French presidency race voted and were warmly admired by the people outside of their polls.

Marin Le Pen, the leader of the far right went first and cheerfully congratulated the election workers in Nine-Beaumont in northern France. This is the heart of France’s former industrial heart. She emerged from the ballot box beaming, eager to give him a clean box. Outside, she took selfies of supporters.

The incumbent Emanuel Macron arrived, and he shook hands with a little boy. He was on his way from Le Tuc, his family’s resort town in the English Channel, to his vote post.

He greeted more people inside, took pictures with Brigitte and pointed at the cameras with a wink. The French flag’s red-white and blue curtains protected the ballot boxes.

The competition is open to 48.8 millions voters. It is being observed throughout Europe. Early results will be available on Sunday night.


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Other developments:

Paris – Sunday’s French presidential election round turnout was slightly higher than it was at the same time two weeks ago.

Sunday’s turnout was 26.1% at noon. Emanuel Macron, the incumbent, is expected to be voted in to alienate Marin Le Pen. She also has ideas that are extreme and antidemocratic such as her plan to ban Muslim head coverings from public places and her relations with Russia.

Both candidates want to attract the 7.7 million votes of Jean-Luc Melenchon from the left-wing, who was defeated on April 10th in the first round.

All latest opinion polls point to a win for Macron, a 44-year old pro-European Macron. However, the gap between Macron and his 53-year old far-right opponent is widening. The polls predict that a record number of people will either vote empty-handed or not vote at any given time.


Paris – France started voting in Sunday’s second presidential election. This has implications for Europe’s future.

Emanuel Macron (the incumbent head) is the candidate, but he faces a stiff challenge from Marin Le Pen, a far right rival.

The Macron Center asks voters to trust him for a second term, five years, despite his troubled presidency that included protests and the plague as well as the conflict in Ukraine. Macron’s victory will make him the first French president to win a second term in 20 years.

France is a nuclear-armed nation with one of largest economies in the world. The vote could also have an impact on the conflict in Ukraine. France has been a key player in diplomatic efforts and supporting sanctions against Russia.

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