Kentucky’s government is looking for information while considering whether to take legal action regarding medical cannabis.


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FRANKFORT KY (AP) – Governor Andy Bashir revealed plans to review medical cannabis on Thursday, signaling that he might take matters into his own hands and train medical cannabis in Kentucky.

As his legal team investigates possible options to make medical marijuana legally available, the Democratic governor stated that he would be seeking information from all angles. The governor appealed to Kentucks for their opinions, this was a week after medical cannabis training legislation passed the House in the state Senate. Republicans hold a majority in both chambers.

Bashir stated that he supports medical cannabis at his weekly press conference. “I want it done right. We will be carefully examining our legal options. We want to hear from all of you.

The governor used his executive power to order restrictions in an effort to stop the spread of the virus during the majority of the epidemic. These actions led to a strong push by Republican lawmakers who ended the governor’s emergency powers.

Senior lawmaker and attorney general warned Thursday against the governor’s reckless use of executive power to legalize medical marijuana unilaterally.

“The General Assembly determines the state’s policy, and we have seen the problems when the governor attempts to bypass the legislature and makes unilateral policy decisions,” said Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron in a statement on Thursday.

Robert Stevers, Republican Senate President, said Kentucky should be worried that the governor thinks he can alter the law by ordering.

Stevers stated, “He cannot legalize marijuana in a restrain order. You can’t replace a statue in an order of restraint because it is a violation to constitutional separation of power.”

In the song, he said that lawmakers had failed to do their job and called for the House of Representatives’ to allow legalization of medical cannabis. He claimed that such legislation has strong support from the states, and that Kentucky is behind other states that have legalized medical cannabis as an option to opioids.

The governor stated, “I believe it’s my duty to see the possibilities given the will and desire of the people to move forward on the issue.”

Bashir stated that he had instructed his legal staff to look at possible executive actions that could help create a framework to allow medical cannabis to be made available to patients with certain medical conditions. In other countries, he said, people battling Alzheimer’s, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy and seizures and post-traumatic stress disorder can consult their doctors to get access to medical cannabis to help treat their symptoms.

Bashir announced that he plans to establish a medical cannabis advisory group, which will travel the country collecting public information. Kentucks will also be able to express their views directly to the Governor’s Office by sending an email to

The governor stated that the review would continue for two more months.

He stated, “It needs to be done right.” “I believe that we have the opportunity to create the right regulatory framework so we don’t see abuse. This gives us the chance to be considerate over the next 2 months. We will still look at the options and come up with a form of action.

Cameron later stated it was too early to comment about the validity of any potential medical marijuana-related action, until the governor divulges the details of his planned action.

Legislators approved a bill to set up a cannabis research center in order to study certain medical conditions. This was before the Democratic-led legislature concluded its 60-day session last Thursday. It was presented as an alternative bill to the one-year-old law that would legalize medical marijuana. The legalization bill would regulate cannabis use only for certain medical conditions, including cancer, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.

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