Italian politicians and religious leaders take part in the iftar in Brescia


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ROME: On Saturday night, hundreds of people gathered in Brescia for an iftar dinner.

Eid al-Fitr takes place at the Eucharist church, which is one of the oldest churches in the area. Catholics joined Muslims for a collective prayer. This was attended by Emilio Del Bono, the mayor of Brescia, and Catholic priests.

In attendance were members of Forza Italia, Brothers of Italy, and the Northern Alliance. These groups are known for their strong anti-immigration stand.

Driss Enniya is the spokesperson for the Islamic community in Brescia. She said that they were very happy to be part of the initiative to make the city a tradition.

“After two years of difficult times, we are eager to be together, share our joy, and celebrate together. We believe we can achieve a lot together and can work to create a better country.

Brescia was among the worst-hit cities by the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy in 2020. Nearly 20.000 Muslims live in the industrial area. The majority of them work in factories.

Delbono stated that “We’re all here for the building of bridges, tearing down walls, and living fearlessly in brotherhood, joy, and brotherhood.”

“This joyous, enthusiastic event is the most important sign of a dialogue path our community has been on for some while. Everyone opening their doors to others so that everyone can feel welcomed and live in harmony.

Father Roberto Ferranti, who oversees interfaith dialogue within the Diocese of Brescia, said, “In this beautiful moment we can finally celebrate the moment of shared humanity in the union of faith and spirituality.”

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