Hong Kong Disney opens with COVID relief. Deaths in Shanghai rising


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BEIJING, (AP) – Hong Kong has reopened Disneyland and other museums and restaurants have resumed serving dinners after the worst COVID-19-related epidemic in Hong Kong.

Disneyland opened its gates after a three month closure. Enthusiastic visitors discovered it immediately.

Popular theme parks were forced to close their doors in January after the fifth round of coronavirus in Hong Kong. Nearly 1.2 Million people were infected in the 7.4 million-strong city. Nearly 9000 died.

Joyce Mac, 36 years old, took her youngest daughter to Disneyland. “Last night, she was so excited that she didn’t want to go to bed.

When the Omicron variation drove a high-transference Omicron jump, hospitals were overwhelmed and it was felt that the city was not protected. Because the morgues couldn’t cope with the explosion, bodies were required to be stored in frigerated containers at the peak of the eruption.

After officials realized that the measures were starting to frustrate people, they decided to ease restrictions. There must be a balance in fighting the epidemic while also resuming regular activities.

The city’s new strategy has been changed from its previous one, which was based on mainland China’s zero tolerance of any outbreak. In the past authorities weren’t happy to relax the measures until it became obvious that the outbreaks had been canceled.

Cynthia Chong, a 15-year-old student from China, stated that Disneyland was her “happiest spot.”

She stated, “It has been so long since my last visit here, it was December” It was really hard to miss it.

Amusement parks may now be operated at 50% capacity. Visitors must also present proof that they have been immunized. Disney employees placed signs reminding people not to get too close to each other.

The death toll in mainland China has increased to 25 following an explosion in Shanghai, which nearly shut down the country’s largest city. According to health officials, eight more people had been killed the day before. China has a different set of criteria than other countries for its epidemiological statistics, which is evident by the low number of deaths reported.

Shanghai has relaxed its restrictions on the release of residents from areas where there have been no new cases in seven to fourteen days. However, they still keep them restricted to their communities or complexes. Some people posted on social media saying that they are afraid to venture out, and being cautious about going into areas with recent incidents.

Officials announced this week that 12.3 millions people living in the city of 25 million are in “control” and “prevention areas. These areas are less restrictive than lock in areas in a three-tiered system. They said that this is 4 million more than in 10 days.

One of 16 city districts declared on Thursday that residents wouldn’t be permitted to leave their property. Jinjiang in central Shanghai stated that residents who live in restricted areas or the most restrictive area will no longer have the right to enter the surrounding neighborhoods.

On Thursday, the municipality reported 18,495 local cases, with 15,861 asymptomatic.

According to reports on social media, some residents of eastern Shanghai were asked to leave their homes as health workers carried out large-scale disinfection after an increase in the number of infections.

It is not known how many people were affected in Bikay. Nearly 300,000. Telephone calls to the municipality government were not returned. The Paper published photos showing workers in white protective suits spraying disinfectant into homes.

On Thursday, attractions such as Ocean Park and M + Museum, both in Hong Kong (a semi-autonomous Chinese territory), reopened. Also, gyms, beauty salons, and massage parlors can resume business. To track contact information, customers must have received at least one dose COVID-19 vaccine.

Restaurants are not allowed to offer a meal service after 18:00. However, they can reopen in evening, but each table can only hold four people.

On Thursday, 603 localized infections were reported in Hong Kong. This is a drop of over 99% from March’s peak of more that 30,000.


Sue reported from Singapore. This report was co-authored by Joe McDonald, Chen Si from Associated Press in Shanghai, Yu Bing from Beijing and Joe McDonald.

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