Google and Apple remove Russian central banks from the payment system


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Russia’s economic isolation continues to grow following the invasion of Ukraine. Google and Apple are the latest companies to severe ties to Russia.

Recent data confirms that both companies have removed Russia’s central bank completely from their payment platforms. It will be impossible to make any transaction using Apple Pay and Google Pay via this bank.

These new restrictions won’t affect all users of these platforms. They will only impact Russian central bank cards associated with accounts.

Today, the removal was effective. This means that millions of people are no longer able use their cards to pay on Apple and Google’s payment platforms.

These restrictions are part of a long line of companies that have ceased service in Russia as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. Many of these companies only complied with the United Nations sanctions. We have, for example, the blockage of Google Play Store purchases. This has led to many Russian programmers searching tirelessly for alternative solutions.

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