FBI Says Proud Boys Tried to Derail Jan.6 Investigating by Menacing Agent


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Barry Bennett Ramey was arrested for allegedly pepper spraying Capitol officers. He was later called an FBI special agent and read the home address of the agent.

 A Florida man has been arrested for allegedly pepper spraying officers at the Capitol on Jan. 6, and who law enforcement officials say then allegedly made a menacing call to the FBI special agent investigating his role in the riot.

Barry Bennett Ramey, who officials say was affiliated with the Proud Boys, was arrested in Florida on Thursday, according to court records. The Proud Boys are a group of Trump supporters who describe themselves as a group of “Western Chauvinists” and have a record of attending events where violence erupts.

He faces charges of assaulting federal law enforcement officers using a deadly weapon or dangerous weapon, obstructing police enforcement; entering restricted areas with intent to hinder; engaging in a physical violence act while carrying a deadly weapon or weapon; and an attack on Capitol grounds.

The complete story is available at NBCNews.com

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