Egypt: The Ruins of the Ancient Temple for Zeus Discovered in Sinai


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The Tell el-Farma archaeological location contained the temple ruins.

Antiquities authorities announced Monday that Egyptian archaeologists discovered the ruins of a temple built for Zeus in the Sinai Peninsula.

Tourism and Antiquities Ministry stated in a statement that the temple ruins had been found at Tell el-Farma, an archaeological site located in northwestern Sinai.

Tell el-Farma (also known by its ancient title Pelusium) dates back to late Pharaonic times and was used during Greco-Roman or Byzantine periods. It also contains remains from the Christian and early Islamic eras.

Mostafa waziri, secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities said that archaeologists discovered the temple ruins through its main gate. Two large, fallen granite columns could be seen. According to him, the gate was damaged by an earthquake that struck in ancient times.

Waziri stated that the ruins were located between the Pelusium Fort, and the memorial church on the site. Archaeologists discovered a set made of granite blocks, which were probably used to create a staircase that allowed worshipers to access the temple.

Excavations at the area date back to early 1900 when French Egyptologist Jean Clédat found ancient Greek inscriptions that showed the existence of the Zeus-Kasios temple but he didn’t unearth it, according to the ministry.

Zeus-Kasios combines Zeus, the God in the sky in ancient Greek mythology with Mount Kasios in Syria. This is where Zeus used to worship.

Hisham Hussein is the director of Sinai archaeological sites. He said that inscriptions in the area prove that the temple was renovated by the Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138).

He stated that experts would examine the blocks unearthed and conduct a photogrammetry survey in order to determine the temple’s architectural design.

The latest addition to a long list of ancient discoveries Egypt has made in recent years is the temple ruins.

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