During Ramadan, Tokyo’s Otsuka Mosque assists those in need


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Tokyo: Japanese, Indians, Pakistanis and Indians gathered at Tokyo’s Otsuka Mosque in Tokyo to make free iftar meals. This was for hundreds of Japanese who are facing economic hardship.
Biryani, an Indian and Pakistani chicken dish, was ready for distribution at Ikebukuro Park within hours.
Around 5:40 p.m. volunteers started distributing prepared meals quickly to those waiting in long lines for food or advice from the associations.
The distribution of the prepared meals took only 30 minutes.
Saer Farouk, a Pakistani, who oversees distribution, took the opportunity to offer polite and caring words of support to homeless people as he handed them food.
Keio architecture student, who has distributed food on multiple occasions, said that many Japanese people have called for food assistance since the COVID crisis.
Japan Arab News received more than 500 meals from the mosque, which confirmed the Japanese are now in financial trouble.
Muslims must be charitable to the least among us this Ramadan. This empathy is exemplified by fasting
Yo Nonaka is an expert in Islamic Studies at Keio University. She is also an associate professor in policy management. She said that she hopes to make most of her non-Muslim student feel connected in a spirit promoting fraternity. Preconceived notions will be erased thanks to the open minds and generosity of Muslims.
One of her sociology students expressed the desire to “take action to eradicate poverty from Japan.”

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