Disney self-government is under threat after the Florida House election


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TALLAHASSEE – On Thursday, the Florida House of Representatives passed the final version of a bill that would dissolve the Walt Disney World private administration and give the Republican governor. Ron de Santis won his battle with the entertainment giant over its opposition of an index critics called “Do not Say Gay”

This move could have significant tax implications for Disney. The company’s theme park series has made Orlando a top tourist destination in the world. It is also used to miss the relationship between the Republican government and a major political figure in the country. Disney did not reply to an email seeking comment on Thursday.

DeSantis’ latest dream is to attack Disney against the backdrop of culture wars involving race and gender.

The Thursday bill passed by the Legislature would eliminate Reedy Creek’s improvement districts, as the 55-year old Disney government is known. It also would allow for the creation of a few other similar districts before June 2023. It does allow counties to be restored, which gives the chance to renegotiate his future. DeSantis’s offices are now moving the bill to their office for signature.

The vote ended a three day bitter legislative session. During that time, lawmakers were given the task of passing a new congressional grid drawn by Desentis. But they also had to accept the Disney bill at governor’s request. On Thursday, tensions flared when Democrats protested the map on the House of Representatives floor. Republicans were forced to leave the room briefly.

Opponents to the new map called on government officials to repress black voters after the two bills were re-passed by the government.

Pantris Driscal, Democratic Representative of Pantris Driscal, stated that it was obvious that Disney’s requests and solutions would not be heard.

Disney’s critique of a new law that bans instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, as well as instruction that isn’t “age-appropriate” or developmental, started the controversy.

In March, Disney made nine political donations to the country and stated that it would support groups working against the law. Desentis, along with his Republican friends, then broke into Disney and defended the law as reasonable.

Desantis said Wednesday that “Disney, and other emerging corporations won’t be able to ignore tampering their uncontrolled campaigns.” We must now stand together if we are to hold the Democratic machine, and their corporate lapdogs responsible.

Democrats have condemned Disney’s proposal as clear vengeance against the company. They also warned that local homeowners could face large tax bills, if they have Disney bond debt. But such details are far from certain.

Disney is one the largest private employers of Florida. Last year, it reported that the company has more than 60.000 employees. If the district is disbanded, it is unclear how the company and local authorities will be affected.

It was a key component of Disney’s 1960s plans to build near Orlando. Officials from the company stated that they needed autonomy in order to create a futuristic city with the amusement park. However, the city did not materialize. Instead it became Epcot.

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