Clinics won victory over Kentucky’s abortion law


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LOUISVILLE (Ky.) – On Thursday, a federal judge temporarily blocked a Kentucky state law that repeals abortions in Kentucky. The state’s remaining two clinics had said they couldn’t meet the demands of the law.

Two Louisville clinics approached court after the law became effective to stop the proceeding. Thursday’s decision was a win for abortion rights supporters and a hurdle to the Republican-led legislature that passed the law in March, and overtook the Democratic governor. Andy’s veto last week.

This bans abortions after 15 weeks and requires that women be examined by doctors before they can receive abortion pills. Kentucky clinics said they could not meet the new reporting requirements. Non-compliance could result in severe penalties and fines.

The law’s proponents claim that the law is designed to safeguard women’s health and improve supervision. Opponents argue that the law was intended to prevent abortions from happening altogether.

Kentucky is one of many states led by the Democratic Republic of China, that have passed restrictive abortion legislation in the midst of a U.S. Supreme Court case that could overturn Roev. Wade’s ruling which established a right for nationwide abortions nearly fifty years ago.

A law in Mississippi that bans abortion after 15 weeks is currently under appeal to the Supreme Court. The court ruled in favor of the Mississippi ban and offered support for the repeal.

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