California Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Role in ‘Evil’ Sex Abuse of Kids


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The man was a member of an exploitation ring, where members film themselves sexually abusing minors and then distribute the footage via the dark web.

Prosecutors announced that a Fresno-based man, who was part of an California child exploitation ring where members recorded themselves sexually abusing more children than 20 and then posted the footage on dark web, was sentenced Friday to live in prison.

What John Richard Brinson Jr. did those children was “evil,” Judge André Birotte Jr. said in Los Angeles federal court.

“I don’t know how else to say it,” Birotte said.

Brinson (28), pleaded guilty to one charge of engaging in child exploitation and four counts producing child pornography. Each count represented a different victim.

“The life sentence imposed in this case is warranted by the defendant’s callous and violent abuse of children, some of whom were filmed while screaming in pain,” U.S. Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison said in a statement. “The child exploitation enterprise impacted more than 20 victims — children who were sexually assaulted, sometimes repeatedly, solely for the pleasure of this defendant and his cohorts.”

According to prosecutors, Brinson sold and advertised child exploitation materials in 2016-2017 on a website that deals with sexual abuse of children as young as five years old. He was able to conceal his identity on the dark internet and met two of his co-defendants, Arlan Harrell of Hawthorne and Moises Martinez of San Jose.

Martinez and Harrell brought children to Brinson’s home, which they abuse together while filming child pornography video.

Harrell pleaded guilty for engaging in child exploitation and obtaining custody of minors to produce, possess, or create child pornography. In February, Harrell was sentenced with a life sentence.

Martinez pleaded guilty for engaging in child exploitation enterprise and production child pornography. He was sentenced to 55 year imprisonment.

Brinson’s roommate Keith Lawniczak was sentenced to 12 year imprisonment for conspiring to commit sex traficking of a minor. According to court documents, he allowed Brinson to live at the house free of charge and said that he had benefited from being able to witness the sexual abuse.

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