Biden Officials Worry that Musk Will Allow Trump’s Return to Twitter


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White House officials and Democratic strategists are privately worrying how Elon Musk’s $44 billion hostile takeover of Twitter will affect the 2024 presidential election — especially whether the billionaire will allow former President Donald TrumpReturn to the platform

Heads of the President Joe BidenAccording to over half a dozen Biden advisors, the administration is closely monitoring the deal. This includes two administration officials. Biden’s staff is becoming increasingly worried that Tesla CEO Trump and other Republican activists who were banned on Twitter will be allowed to return to it, these people stated. They asked not to be identified in order to freely speak about internal discussions between senior Democratic advisors.

Twitter’s board accepted Musk’s offer to take the social media company private, the company confirmed Monday. The deal requires regulatory and shareholder approval.

Musk stated that free speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy and that Twitter is the digital square where vital issues for the future of humanity can be debated in a statement included with the press release.

Jen Psaki declined comment to Musk’s bid. Pres. Pres.

According to these people, members of Biden’s inner circle as well as party strategists are worried about misinformation being spread on the platform under Musk’s leadership. This could lead to Biden facing the former president in an rematch. Former President Barack ObamaAccording to a source familiar with the matter, Biden’s close aide is concerned that Musk’s purchase of Twitter could result in a Trump return.

Mary Anne Marsh, an experienced Democratic strategist, said that Trump will now use Twitter to do more damage and regain power in 2022, 2024. Elon Musk, however, has not indicated that he will do anything.

According to a strategist who was close to Silicon Valley megadonors, it is “not good” for Democratic party.

Musk’s strategist stated that Musk was a “great engineer and businessman, but I wouldn’t trust him with my child let alone the millions who rely upon Twitter for information.” The 2020 congressional midterm elections could see Democrats lose both the Senate as well as the House of Representatives.

The White House, Trump, and Obama Press Representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment. CNBC did not reach Musk regarding the matter.

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