Biden Drug Control program emphasizes harm reduction and treatment


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President Joe Biden has sent to Congress his first national surveillance plan. This strategy was created in response to the U.S. death rates reaching an all-time high of nearly 107,000 within the past twelve months.

The White House Drug Clerk Dr. Rahul Gopta said that the strategy was the first to prioritize harm reduction.

The strategy calls on states to make changes in their laws and policies to expand harm reduction.

Gupta stated Wednesday that overdose victims are often reintroduced to communities in which naloxone is unavailable. He said this because the drug could be used to revive them.

American Medical Association advocated for neloxone to be available without a prescription. Other examples of harm reduction include clean syringe programs and test strips to detect fentanyl overdose.

Gupta stated that reducing damage helps prevent overdose and reduces transmission of infectious diseases.

Gupta is the first physician to lead the National Office for Drug Control Policy. He will also oversee the strategy which includes:

– This article focuses on financial transactions of transnational criminal organisations that trade and manufacture illicit drugs in the United States.

Reduce the supply of illegal drugs that are smuggled into the United States.

The improvement of information and research systems that support drug policy.

Ensure that evidence-based treatment is available to those most at-risk, including homelessness and jail inmates.

Gupta stated that anyone who seeks treatment should be able get it.


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