Beijing will conduct a massive inspection of most of Beijing with an increase of COVID-19 case.


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BEIJING, (AP) – Beijing will conduct mass checks of 21 million of its residents, authorities announced Monday. The new COVID-19 epidemic has caused residents to hoard food in fear of a Shanghai closure.

Mass testing was initiated in China’s capital by the government of one of 16 provinces, where the majority of new cases were discovered. One area and individual residences were also shut down by the city. Officials from the health department announced in the wee hours that the test would be extended Tuesday to all areas except five remote ones.

Although 70 cases have been confirmed since Friday’s outbreak of the virus, authorities in China have taken strict measures under the zero zero ‘approach’ to try and stop further spread.

Many residents worked remotely and stockpiled food to protect themselves from being locked in their homes. This has been repeated in many other cities, such as the Shanghai Financial Center. As the Omicron version spreads throughout the country, the last cities to be extradited were Aniang in central China or Dandong near the border with North Korea.

Shanghai has been indefinitely detained for over two weeks. It reported more than 19,000 new cases and 51 deaths during the 24-hour period. This brings the total number of confirmed deaths from the ongoing epidemic to 138.

Beijing residents grabbed rice, noodles, and other food items from long lines at supermarkets. Shop workers then hurried to fill empty shelves. According to state media, supplies remain plentiful despite an increase in purchases.

The buyers looked slightly worried, but not afraid. One woman carrying two bags of vegetables and eggs, as well as frozen dumplings, stated that she was buying more than usual. One man stated that he wasn’t worried, but was only concerned because he had a 2-year-old daughter.

Beijing’s health officials said that 29 more cases were reported in the 24 hours to Monday (4pm), bringing the total to 70 since Friday.

Mass inspections were ordered by the city in Chaoyang Province. 46 cases were discovered. The screening should take place on Mondays through Fridays for all Chaoyang residents and those working in the province.

In Chawiang, test sites were set up in offices and residential buildings across the province. Workers and residents gathered at temporary outdoor stations to have their throats cleared by a worker wearing full protective gear. It is free.

Gao Hyang, who was waiting in line to take the COVID-19 test, said that Beijing should be fine. “Based upon the past response of my community, I believe that supplies can be guaranteed if there is an immediate emergency. Additionally, we have learned from other cities. I believe we can make sound preparations.”

Shanghai was under strict closure, which forced residents to work together to purchase food in group shopping. The port of Shanghai was closed because goods backed up there impacted the production and supply of factories and slowed down economic growth.

Beijing sued residents in an area of ​​about 2 by 3 km (1 by 2 miles), and told them to work from home and stay in their residential complexes. Although it was not an absolute closure, cinemas, bars, and other entertainment venues were ordered to close the area.

Other buildings were also closed by the city, including those in five residential complexes.


This report was produced by Olivia Zhang (Associated Press video producer) and Yu Bing (researcher).

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