Apple is the most valued brand in 2022, Tik Tok fastest growing


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Apple maintained its position on the Brand Finance Global 500 List as the most valuable brand, despite competition from giants such as Tik Tok and Amazon.

According to the new data, Amazon and Google rank second and third respectively. Jeff Bezos’ firm is the most likely to surpass Tim Cook’s technology.

California-based Apple has a brand value in excess of $355 billion. Chief Brand Finance Officer David Haigh attributes this success to Apple’s innovation and reputation.

The company did not disclose details of its formula for arriving at Brand Finance’s brand value. However, the company stated that it will adhere to international standards despite using a proprietary formula to reach its conclusions.

While it is not unusual to see Apple top this ranking, Tik Tok the social network saw its value rise the most. The brand now has a value of $59 Billion, an increase of 259% over 2021. This growth can be attributed largely to the changes in media consumption trends over the pandemic period.

Brand Finance also awarded Amazon a brand worth of $350.3 billion. Google, however, received $263.4 million. Microsoft occupies the fourth position (184.2 billion), while Walmart occupies the top 5 positions (111.9 billion).

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