Apple: In 2023, a cheaper iPad will transform its appearance


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Apple will release the tenth generation entry-level iPad this year, although it won’t make any major changes to the model already on the market. But 2023 will bring some important information about the Cupertino company’s most-sold tablet.

Dylan DKT, a well-known leaker, claims that the iPad 10 will have the same appearance as the previous generation. It will only receive 5G technology and WIFI 6. The 9th generation iPad will have the exact same features as the 9.

Leaker also revealed that this model would be the last entry level model to use the design. He expects a cheaper iPad with lower bezels and Touch ID to be available in 2023.

The iPad 10 is expected to be released sometime this year. While the iPad 10 may not have many new features, it will include key technologies like 5G, WIFI 6, and an A14 processor that will improve performance and autonomy.

The design will remain absolutely the same as we are used to, with pronounced “forehead” and “chin” and a dedicated button for biometric authentication via Touch ID. Apple will standardize its tablet catalog next year, giving the 11th generation a look that is similar to the Air and Mini models.

There is also the desire to know what Apple has in store in 2023 for its cheapest tablet, even if it means the end of an almost unchanged design since the fifth generation.

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