Apple: Apple’s M1 chip maker moves to challenge Intel


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Intel has given a major blow to Apple’s rival by getting Jeff Wilcox (the engineer who created the M1 chips) to return to Apple after he left the company to accept the position of Engineer and Director at Mac Systems Architecture in Cupertino.

Wilcox, who is now part Intel’s staff, assumes the role of CTO in order to ensure the development and deployment of next-generation SoCs.

This hire could be vital for Intel’s hybrid approach to architecture after Jeff Wilcox’s huge success with Apple Silicon.

Wilcox said farewell to Tim Cook’s company with words of appreciation. He was certain that he had enjoyed some of the most rewarding years of his professional career working for the Californian brand. The transition to Apple Silicon and the M1 Pro/M1 Max processors would have been his highest point in professional life.

After serving as the Chief Engineer for Intel’s PC architecture team, Jeff Wilcox had resigned from Intel in 2013 to make way for Apple. Prior to that, he was Principal Architect at Nvidia.

Although it is not yet clear what major project the engineer will be taking on at the American company, his reputation will allow him to lead Intel’s response to the M1 chip’s evolution.

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