After a victory, the Amazon League might face some challenges


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NEW YORK (AP), Amazon workers celebrated their victory in New York’s Staten Island by drinking champagne and dancing to celebrate. Their cheerful attitude will be challenged by a company that appears to be unwilling to negotiate.

The Amazon Labor Union (or ALU), which has evolved, stated that it wants more breaks for warehouse workers, more vacations, and a significantly higher hourly wage of $ 30 compared to the current hourly wage at Staten Island’s facility, which is just over $ 18.

The basic union must negotiate with Amazon a contract that both the union members and the parties can agree on in order to achieve this. It can be hard to do so.

Amazon wants to cancel the election. This is after it submitted a submission to National Labor Relations Council this week claiming that the vote was tainted both by organizers and the Brooklyn board directors’ regional office, which oversaw the election. The company filed material supporting its objections to the agency on Friday. The Labor Council spokesperson said that the agency would not publish the case until it was closed. The Southwest region of the NLRB will likely hold hearings to decide whether or not to approve the results.

Amazon may appeal to the National Labor Committee in the event of Amazon’s failure to succeed. This committee, which is dominated by Democrats, will likely favor the starting union. However, even when the agency wins a union case, companies sometimes refuse to negotiate. This position could cause lengthy legal battles in federal courts as a way of thwarting labor victories.

Kate Bronfenbrenner (a Cornell University labor expert) collected data in 2009. It showed that only half of unions had their first contract within one year of winning an election. Another 30% didn’t get one within three. The clock is ticking for employees who are still in uncertainty.

John Logan, University of San Francisco State director of labor and employment, said that anti-union businesses have always believed that, even if they lose an election, it is still a win until a union contract has been signed.

Logan stated that there is no incentive for them delay the process at all. Logan stated that law firms and consultants who specialize in ongoing avoidance activities have long told employers, “Time is on your side.”

Even if Amazon is unsuccessful in federal court, it can still cause delays to the contract and may reduce the momentum that a union victory could create. Chris Smalls (a former Amazon employee) is the head of the Amazon Labor Union. Smalls said that more than 100 workers in the U.S. have reached out to the union regarding organizing their workplaces after the group won the election earlier in the month. This week, 1,500 workers will hold their own union elections.

Experts warn that contract delays can frustrate union ‘campaigns’ and reduce workers’ trust in organized labour. It could result in a weaker contract or decrease in worker interest in the union.

It is possible that warehouse workers who voted in favor of the union will decrease if Amazon continues to fight for a long legal battle. According to a court lawsuit, Amazon is well-known for its high turnover rate. In fact, it has been known to have a 73% turnover rate in warehouses that were incorporated in the past two years.

A strike is one way employees can procrastinate. However, it comes with its own risks. Michael Duff is a former NLRB lawyer and teaches at the University of Wyoming Law School. He noted that Amazon could replace any striker with a substitute worker, which could make strikers unemployed for months, or even years.

Unemployed strikers can be helped by unions that have funds. Unions may not be able to afford such support. Duff stated that workers can also struggle to endure long strikes. This is something employers are well aware of.

Conor Spence is an Amazon employee and vice president of ALU Membership. He claims that the emerging union is ready to exert pressure on Amazon by making its claims through the media and creating sympathy. Gallup polls from August show that public support for unions has reached its highest level since 1965, according to Gallup.

Spence stated that the ALU organizers, who appeared with Senator Bernie Sanders at a virtual event, will try to convince lawmakers to support the retailer.

Spence stated, “But at the bottom of the day it’s collective action that works.”

Spence suggested that organizers could organize a strike, or a break, to disrupt Amazon’s operations on Staten Island. Spence also pointed out that departures have been made at other Amazon facilities over the past few months. It also plans to establish a strike fund through donations made via its GoFundMe account.

For now organizers are focusing their efforts on a rematch at the Staten Island warehouse LDJ5. Amazon employees will be able to leverage that win in any strike or possible break if they win.

Andy Jesse (Amazon CEO) and Andy Jesse (CEO) have stated that while employees are free to choose whether they join the union, they believe that it is best to not do so. It is trying to outlaw.

Amazon has been accused of removing union leaflets from its LDJ5 warehouse. The union filed a complaint to the NLRB last week alleging that Amazon prohibited it from displaying a prounion sign in its break room. Workers were allowed to display the same sign at JFK8, a nearby facility that voted in favor of the union, organizers claim.

Seth Goldstein is a pro bono lawyer for the union. He claimed that Amazon executives had told employees that it was against their policy to display the sign. However, they didn’t specify the policy and threatened with discipline. Amazon spokesmen said that workers had created a poster against company policy, but they declined to give reasons why it was allowed at another warehouse.

Madeline Wesley said that this was an information war. She is one of the organizers at LDJ5 Warehouse. “It won’t stop us. However, we need to be cautious and ensure that nobody gets to the point of losing their job or getting severe discipline.

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