A bill is being introduced to ease the financial difficulties of students and educators.


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DENVER (Newsline). A state bill that was promoted at the Capitol Thursday will give students who are interested in teaching the economic security they need. The bill will reallocate $ 50 million of federal aid to the plague in order to create programs that address the financial difficulties of new teachers.

Early Friday morning, HB22-1220, alternatively known as the “Removing Barriers to Educator” Bill, will go through house floor work at the House Bureau after its early approval by the House Allocations Committee on Thursday.

Representative Barbara McLachlan stated that the multi-directional approach to the problem of Colorado’s teacher shortage includes removing financial barriers for entry to the profession.

The bill would finance two two-year scholarships, forgive student loans to graduate students, remove barriers between potential educators and temporary educators licenses, and fund two other two-year scholarships programs.

HB22-1220: Proposed Benefits

If the bill is fully approved, it will create the Student Scholarship Program for Educators, which will offer money to students who are enrolled in academic internships or preparatory programs for teachers.

  • A student is eligible to be an educator. Academic residence for 16 weeks Can get $ 11,000.
  • A student is eligible to be an educator. Academic residency for 32 weeks Can get $ 22,000.

The educators’ testing scholarship program will offer funding for approved preparation programs.

After the funding has been received, the recipients will use it for eligible education students who are enrolled in the program. This will save second- and third-year students the cost of the program and the fees. Certificate of education.

HB22-1220 – Student loan forgiveness

Additionally, the bill provides $ 10 million to pay off loans for educators who have recently been hired. Each teacher could be eligible to receive $ 5,000 in loan forgiveness if they were one of the approximately 2,000 who entered academia during this epidemic.

He said that Colorado is currently facing a shortage of teachers, and that half a pandemic had exacerbated the situation. Rep. Cathy Kip from Fort Collins said the following: “Our bill saves teachers by allowing loans and allowances to education students, so that educators with more talent can enter the profession without having to bear the financial burden.”

HB22-1220: New Path to a Preliminary Teacher Licence

Colorado’s current law allows educators students who meet the criteria but are not yet qualified to apply for the primary teacher license to apply and get a certificate of eligibility from the Colorado Department of Education to be temporary educators. This will be extended to educators who are enrolled in approved alternative teaching programs.

Kip stated that “To prepare students to succeed, we need more teachers in schools and this bill will increase their workforce.”

Kip, McLachlan & Sen. Rachel Zenzinger are the Bill’s main sponsors.

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